the truth about nursingWhy Love/Hate for Nursing?

For me, the profession of nursing is a love/hate relationship. Mostly love. But if you are in the healthcare profession, you know there are those times when you just want to pull your hair out, scream profanities, or just flat out hide in the bathroom, cry, and hope nobody comes looking for you. Such is the nature and blessing of being a nurse.

The profession of nursing is one that carries immense responsibilities, and at times, very little respect.

The profession of nursing is one that carries immense responsibilities, and at times, very little respect. Nurses are held accountable to skills, a vast array of knowledge, and to have a heart of gold. They are on the front lines of the medical field healing, helping, protecting, comforting. They are the glue that holds the healthcare team together, and a true coordinator of care.

Nurses work long shifts, extra shifts, face mandated overtime, and many times are so busy that they do not even get a break to eat. The job is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining at times. Nurses are so overworked caring for others, that many of them do not really even take care of themselves. How can we teach our patients to live healthy lifestyles when we cannot even practice what we preach?!

I have this immense love for the profession of nursing, but I can’t help but feel a pit in my stomach about the state of our profession.

Key Issues

  • Why is it that nurses can’t practice what they preach?
  • Why do we let ourselves and our fellow coworkers to become burned out?
  • Why do nurses sometimes eat their young?
  • Why do we continue to allow our employers to unsafely work us into the ground?

Ultimately, when nurses are not treated well by employers and are dissatisfied with their work, patients suffer. How can we keep morale up and keep great nurses at the bedside?

My wish for the profession of nursing is for it to be seen as the respected, professional career it actually is. I think that nursing has somehow gotten a bad reputation or has been misunderstood over time, and that causes a great deal of frustration for many people in this profession.

While it is true that nurses have been voted the #1 most trusted profession, (and that shows a great deal of respect for the profession), I don’t think the vast majority of the population knows the extent of a nurse’s education, knowledge, and skillset.

I think that the profession of nursing holds a great deal of untapped potential in improving healthcare and being used as a huge wealth of information.

Demands on our healthcare system are ever-growing, and I think it’s time for nurses to take on roles and responsibilities in improving delivery and quality of healthcare, because in my opinion, nurses are more than competent and capable of this!

This blog is a place for nurses (and all healthcare professionals) to come together for inspiration, motivation, and tips for living a balanced life in this challenging field. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will take care of everybody else?? Even though my relationship with nursing is a love/hate one, I aim to make it more love than hate.

What about you? Do you find these things to be true? Join the discussion below and share with others who might be interested.


The Truth About Nursing

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