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I think about nursing A LOT. I am called to be a nurse for my job and career, and I am very passionate about it. I feel strongly enough about the profession of nursing (and of course the patients we care for) that I felt compelled to create a whole blog about it! So yeah, because of these things, I end up thinking about nursing A LOT.

I love helping out and inspiring my fellow nurses.


After putting in time and effort on this blog for a couple of months, I was starting to feel like nursing was all there was for me. Like, it’s who I am as a person. And while it does contribute a huge part of who I am, it is just that—only a part. I got so wrapped up in following other nurses/medical professionals on social media, seeing what my peers are making of their nursing careers, and thinking about my husband’s MSN-FNP program, that I found myself in constant comparison with everybody. Feeling like I am “not good enough” because I’m not doing something “exciting” like this person or that person. Or furthering my education in pursuit of terminal degrees, etc. Like I wouldn’t be living up to my potential as a PERSON if I choose not to make something ‘TRULY GREAT” of my nursing career.

But after a little break from social media ALTOGETHER, I refocused and re-centered myself. I realize that being a nurse is not solely WHO I AM. I am so much more than just a nurse, and so is each and every nurse out there! That’s what makes every health care professional special! It’s how we can better relate to and care for our patients.

It’s so easy to wrap up your identity in your profession. Most people spend a majority of their time doing their jobs. When people meet you, they ask you what you do for a living. This is how people define you quickly. And that is ok. It is simply that. A quick way to describe you…”You know, Michelle? The nurse!”

And people describing me as “the nurse” still makes me feel good inside. I just need to remember that being a nurse and caring for other people is not solely who I am. That’s a sure-fire way to burn out when you are manifesting the role of nurse 100% of the time.

So don’t lose sight of your other hobbies and passions. Take care of yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t compare yourself to other people. These all seem like “duh” thoughts, but every now and then I lose sight of these things, and I want to remind you of these things as well. Don’t become a victim of the nursing identity crisis! (pretty sure I made this phenomenon up…hehe.)

Have you ever experienced a “Nursing Identity Crisis” or something similar? How did you handle this? Leave a comment below 🙂

Nursing Identity Crisis

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One thought on “Nursing Identity Crisis

  • February 9, 2017 at 2:08 am

    Treasure your nurse identity. It will serve you well over time and mean even more as the years go by. Day to day frustrations and outright tragedy can sap your spirit, but as you invest more, the rewards increase exponentially.

    I am grateful to the many patients that I have cared for over the decades. If you think about illness from an actuarial viewpoint there are always X numbers of that illness for Y quantity of people. The diseases are definitely out there and I am grateful I have been fortunate so far. In a way, those unfortunates that suffered an illness took a bullet that could have been meant for me. The next time you’re caring for someone suffering thank them in your mind for taking that bullet. It could have just as well been you on the other side of the bed rail.


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