Good Day

Today was a good day, and that deserves to be acknowledged. Sometimes it seems as if good days are few and far between in my career as a nurse. Typically, every day holds a plethora of challenges and feeling underappreciated is just something I’ve grown to expect. Feeling completely defeated at the end of a shift can be kind of the status quo in this profession.

But today was different.

My patients were kind and respectful. They were receptive to my teaching, and showed a willingness and eagerness to learn to take charge of their health. They knew how to use the phrases,”Please” and “Thank you”. (Whaaaat?!)

I had a manageable patient load. I did not feel like an errand-boy running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I got my charting done early, and all my meds were available from pharmacy when I needed to give them.

There were no loose ends that needed tying up. I got to round with the doctors as they saw each of my patients. I really felt like I knew EXACTLY what was going on, and was on top of it when it came to my patients. I felt like I was giving each patient the care and attention they deserved.

My CNA and I worked like champs together today. Dare I even say we actually had a good time too? My coworkers and I had time to socialize and act like normal, happy, well-adjusted people. My coworkers were there for me when I needed a hand. Not because I asked them, but because they are GREAT coworkers, and I know they always have my back.

We laughed a TON at work today. Not necessarily at traditionally funny things, but at things that frustrated us. We could have complained and been negative about these frustrations, but it felt so much better to make light of them, and just have fun with it.

I felt like I had my act together when I gave report to my replacement nurse. They didn’t have any complaints or impossible questions, and we got along splendidly…which isn’t necessarily always the case.

It was a good day.

This is just a reminder that not every day is going to be a good day. But they do exist! And because this day occurred, I will make a note of it, and try to look back at this as evidence that I truly do love what I do as a registered nurse. No number of bad days can outweigh the overwhelming good when you have the privilege of taking care of people and holding their lives in your hands.

Be thankful for the good days!

And even on the bad days, try to find the good…if you look hard enough, there’s always something!

The Good Day

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