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Nurse Love Hate Blog

My name is Michelle and I’m a pediatric/women’s health registered nurse. I am married to my best friend (who also happens to be a registered nurse) and we live in our cozy little lake house with our sweet dog, Pepper.

What is Nurse Love/Hate about?

This blog is a place to inspire and motivate healthcare professionals.  I think it’s common for all nurses at some point or another to completely question their judgement about going into a field where wiping a grown-adult’s butt is NO BIG DEAL and then go eat lunch and not bat an eyelid. Nursing is hard, stressful, and emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting at times, which sometimes makes us consider going into a different field altogether. My goal is to help you love nursing more than you hate it, and motivate others to be the best nurses they can possibly be by leading balanced, healthy lives. Nursing is truly a challenging and honorable profession, and I want to inspire nurses to come together to show what an educated and valuable asset we really are.

My Nursing Background

I graduated with my BSN in 2010, and worked for four years in a progressive respiratory care unit. In 2014, I did a complete 180 and went to a pediatric and women’s health unit, which I absolutely adore. Working with kids is challenging, but is always fun and rewarding! I am ACLS, PALS, and ENPC certified, and I am considering obtaining my MSN in the future.

Why Nurse Love/Hate?

When I think of nursing, I think of my love/hate relationship with it. With all the frustrations and stresses that come along with the job, you can’t help but feel a little temporary hatred for the profession at times. However, despite all of the crazy, weird, stressful, exhausting moments, I couldn’t possibly imagine doing anything else, and the good moments far outweigh the bad. I am proud to be a nurse, and I want you to feel that way too.

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